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CarbAl(TM) Based Thermal Management for Space Flight Systems Application

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CarbAl(TM) Based Thermal Management for Space Flight Systems Application, Phase II
Thermal Transfer is a critical part of power electronics application in both terrestrial and space environments. Due to longer lifetime expectancies and harsh operational conditions, space vehicles require unique materials to deal with the increasing electrical and thermal loads placed upon the structure. Increasing use of power electronics including high current carrying semiconductor devices such as IGBTs, MOSFETs, power transistors, and modules drive the need for specialty thermal management materials both in the packaging of the discrete devices as well as for the packaging of modules consisting of several or arrays of these devices. The overall objective of this program (Phase II) is to adapt CarbAlTM-based advanced thermal management substrates from terrestrial to space applications. ANI will target improved CarbAl™-based heatsinks and thermally conductive circuit boards for power electronic applications. CarbAl™ is a carbon-based thermal composite with a thermal performance exceeding that of many metals. The low CTE provides excellent matching to state-of-the-art power transistor dies and the low density and robustness make it suitable for space vehicle applications. The proposed Phase I program is a continuation of the materials development completed internally at ANI. If successful, the technology developed through this project will provide and accurate, robust, reliable and cost effective. More »

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