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Virtual Training of Compressor Control Room, Phase I

Completed Technology Project

Project Introduction

MYMIC will analyze, design, develop and evaluate the Virtual Control Room – Compressor Station (VCoR-CS) training system. VCoR-CS will provide procedural training to NASA operators within a 3D virtual environment that realistically models the Compressor Station Control Room. It will include an accessible information repository to store expert knowledge and Standard Operating Procedures for display via a simple, training interface. VCoR-CS will leverage a "crawl-walk-run" learning approach with practice and assessments levels in order to allow users to slowly increase the cognitive load and difficulty of their training. A log-in capability will enable user performance to be tracked and training to be accessed on-demand. MYMIC will evaluate the effectiveness of VCoR-CS training prototype and adherence to its learning objectives. Project efforts and results will be incorporated into a Final Report. MYMIC will also conceptualize the expansion of VCoR-CS to include emergency preparedness and scenario-based training modules for future, follow-on efforts. More »

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