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An Advanced Smoke-Eater for Post-Fire Cabin Atmosphere Cleanup

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An Advanced Smoke-Eater for Post-fire Cabin Atmosphere Cleanup Project Image
TDA Research, Inc. (TDA) proposes to develop a post-fire air purification system that consists of a particulate removal assembly, a sorbent bed to remove the combustion by-products generated by low intensity fires (such as HCN, HCl, SO2 and NH3) and an ambient temperature oxidation catalyst to eliminate any carbon monoxide (CO) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The unit will be designed to rapidly restore the cabin air to a safe condition. In Phase I, we will first evaluate the performance of individual components in flow experiments to identify the optimum bed geometry. We will then design a breadboard prototype unit and evaluate its performance in an environmental chamber under representative conditions. We will carry out detailed design of the purification system, integrating the particulate removal assembly, sorbent bed and the ambient temperature oxidation catalyst. We will determine the weight and volume of the unit as well as the energy required to circulate the contaminated cabin air through the purifier. More »

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