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All-Solid, High-Performance Li-Ion Batteries for NASA's Future Science Missions

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All-Solid, High-Performance Li-ion Batteries for NASA's Future Science Missions Project Image
The state-of-the-art Li-ion battery technology is based on processing of lithium transition metal oxides, and graphite powder, and use of liquid organic electrolytes. It has shown limited room for further performance improvements in terms of energy density, cycle and calendar life, abuse tolerance and cost. This has heavily hindered the advancements of NASA's future space missions that need rechargeable batteries with higher energy density, longer life, and excellent abuse tolerance. In the commercial sector of electrical vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), there are also urgent needs for rechargeable batteries with significantly higher performance characteristics that appear beyond the potential of current Li-ion system. TH Chem, Inc. (THC) proposes to team with New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMT) to develop a new, all-solid-state Li-ion technology for NASA's future space missions that require rechargeable batteries capable of higher energy density (>200 Wh/kg), longer cycle life (>50,000 cycles), extended operation temperatures and radiation tolerance. The new battery system is based on development of a novel, all-solid-state, 3-dimmensional (D) battery design that exploits the full potentials of the electrode and electrolyte materials. In Phase I, THC will demonstrate the feasibility of the new battery technology by preparation of the proposed all-solid-state 3-D batteries via processing of electrode and electrolyte precursors, followed by electrochemical evaluation of the test cells. The concept of the new electrochemical system will be demonstrated. THC and its team have extensive experience in advanced rechargeable battery chemistries and technologies. More »

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