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Lightweight Structures Utilizing CNFs

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Lightweight Structures Utilizing CNFs Project Image
AxNano proposes a novel method for producing robust, high-volume, cost-effective carbon fibers in support of next-generation materials for structural composite space applications. AxNano will utilize a needle-less electrospinning method to form precise bundles of nano-fibers. The spinning and draw method will be designed to achieve the structural perfection needed for leaps in mechanical strength and stability of carbon fibers. This proposed work effort will establish an advanced manufacturing process, controlled at the nano/molecular scale. Efficacy will be shown by producing articles at the coupon scale, which are expected to possess better mechanical properties - double those for current epoxy CFRP technology. This new continuous carbon nano-fiber (CNF) manufacturing process will produce CNFs with reduced defects, increased uniformity, and much higher strength. This project aims at innovative nanomaterial based polymeric composites with potential to supplant conventional carbon fiber reinforced polymeric (CFRP) composites as lightweight aerospace structural materials for space applications. Specifically the project addresses fundamental challenges in mass-manufacturing continuous and high-strength carbon nanofiber yarns, weaves and next-generation carbon nanofiber yarn-reinforced polymeric composites (CNFYRP). More »

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