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Multi-A.U. SOLAROSA Concentrator Solar Array for Space Science Missions, Phase II

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Project Introduction

Deployable Space Systems, Inc. (DSS), in partnership with MOLLC will focus the proposed NASA Phase 2 effort on the development and demonstration of our innovative Multi-A.U. SOLAROSA technology. SOLAROSA, named for Stretched Optical Lens Architecture on Roll-Out Solar Array, is a new lightweight, high-performance space solar array that enables missions through low-cost, lightweight, compact stowage volume, radiation hardness, high voltage capability, scalability to ultra-high power, and LILT/HIHT environment operability. SOLAROSA is a fusion of the proven Stretched Lens Array (SLA) concentrator technology with DSS's innovative ultra-lightweight Roll-Out Solar Array deployable structural platform. The proposed Phase 2 program is specifically focused on technology development and demonstration of multi-A.U. operability, large beta axis off-pointing operational capability, and high radiation environmental survivability. The proposed Phase 2 program provides NASA/industry a near-term and low-risk solar array that provides revolutionary performance in terms of high specific power, affordability, lightweight, high deployed stiffness, high deployed strength, compact stowage volume, reliability, high radiation tolerance, high voltage operation capability, scalability, and LILT/HIHT operation capability. The predicted performance metrics for the SOLAROSA technology are incredible improvements over current state-of-the-art, and in many cases are mission-enabling for future NASA Space Science and Exploration missions, and particularly for NASA deep space solar electric propulsion (SEP) high-voltage and high radiation missions. More »

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