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A Novel Plasma-Based Compressor Stall Control System, Phase II

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Modern aircraft gas turbine engines utilize highly loaded airfoils in both the compressor and turbine to maximize performance while minimizing weight, cost, and complexity. However, high airfoil loading increases the likelihood of flow separation at lower mass flow rates. Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) plasma actuators have been shown to be a very promising technique for compressor stall control. DBD devices can either be installed directly on rotor/stator surfaces or the compressor endwalls to control rotor tip flow. A fundamental challenge in driving DBD actuators is providing appropriate electrical waveforms to the devices. Creare proposes the development of an innovative compressor stall system which enables (1) substantially higher produced thrust than existing DBD actuator systems, (2) implements a unique excitation waveform that optimizes thrust production by DBD actuators, and (3) provides the potential ability to control spike-type compressor stall through controlling compressor tip leakage flow. More »

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