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rHEALTH X with Non-Invasive Capabilities for Science and Crew Health, Phase I

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Project Introduction

There is an extraordinary need for a universal biomedical analyzer that has broadly flexible capabilities for cell studies, small animal experiments, and crew member health. The goal of our rHEALTH X device is to create a single palm-sized device with tripartite capabilities: non-invasive measurements, cell cytometry analysis, and multiplexed nanostrip tests. Currently, there is no single device that is able to provide comprehensive non-invasive measurements, let alone combine it with the rHEALTH's significant wet laboratory analytical capabilities. We have developed the existing rHEALTH technology in collaboration with NASA and here, in this Phase I proposal, we intend to further push the envelope and add a fully non-invasive module. The module will include measurements of heart rate, SpO2, body temperature, respiratory rate, and EKG. The module will be housed in the back of the rHEALTH X and will be fully detachable for wireless/wearable applications. At the end of Phase I, we will develop a TRL 4 non-invasive module. For Phase II, we will integrate the module with our existing rHEALTH technology into the rHEALTH X. We will bring it to TRL 7, so that it can be flight-certified and flown on the International Space Station (ISS) in a timely manner. More »

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