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Venus Altitude Cycling Balloon

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Venus Altitude Cycling Balloon Project Image
The ISTAR Group ( IG) and team mate Thin Red Line Aerospace (TRLA) propose a Venus altitude cycling balloon (Venus ACB), an innovative superpressure balloon architecture that is ideally suited to cloud level mission parameters and to incorporation of a variety of buoyancy control mechanisms that will enable significant altitude cycling capability. The 5.5 meter diameter vessel is similar to the dimensions contemplated for higher altitude Venus missions. The pro posse Venus ACB balloon platform is based on TRLA's proprietary Ultra High Performance Vessel ( UHPV). The attributes that set UHPV apart in its unique ability to address the fundamental challenges confronting a cloud level Venus balloon mission capable of significant altitude cycling are described in detail for these seven innovative design elements: 1. Strongest, lightest weight balloon option 2. Balloon fabrication is easier, less expensive, more accurate and highly reproducible 3. Greater performance predictability reduces FOS, which reduces mass 4. Standardized fabric and scalability to size 5. Lighter weight fabric 6. Strongest balloon/polar bulkhead integration 7. Potential for balloon-parachute hybrid vehicle More »

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