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A Green, Safe, Dual-pulse Solid Motor for CubeSat Orbit Changing, Phase I

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Small satellites such as CubeSats are in need of responsive propulsion, but are limited due to their size. Though single pulse, AP/HTPB fueled solid rocket motors exist in the market, greater mission flexibility is to be had from a motor with the capability of a second ignition in the same volume constraints. Digital Solid State Propulsion (DSSP) proposes research into the technology to not only to enable a second pulse from a high thrust solid rocket motor, but also into a safer class of propellants called Electric Solid Propellants (ESPs). A barrier system, developed on other DSSP programs, would be the stepping stone for the dual pulse ability of the motor. The ESPs are a group of propellants that are electrically ignited, but safer to handle compared to standard solid energetic propellants. For in-space use, Aluminized variant of ESP would be improved and utilized for this application. Phase I funding would allow for the advancements of these technologies to a TRL 3. Then following basic research and design goals of a Phase I contract, a Phase II contract would allow the design and test of an integrated Delta-V and ACS propulsion into a 1U module at TRL 6. More »

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