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High Resolution Autostereoscopic Cockpit Display, Phase II

Completed Technology Project

Project Introduction

During this Phase II program Dimension Technologies Inc. (DTI) proposes to design and build an autostereoscopic (glasses-free 3D) LCD based aircraft cockpit display that features switchable 2D & 3D operation, full LCD resolution in both 2D and 3D modes, a wide viewing area without head position restrictions, and high brightness. The display will be configured for installation and testing in a Boeing 787 cockpit simulator for evaluation and testing at the end of Phase II. Given positive results this could be followed by modification and installation in a test aircraft in Phase III. The display will be based on Rockwell's 15" flight deck displays currently in use and be designed to fit inside the existing display volume envelope. Code will be written to allow Boeing's existing simulator software to produce 3D images on DTI's displays. Presentation of images in 3D should increase the pilot's ability to extract information, particularly situational awareness from cluttered displays, as indicated by various studies at NASA and the US Air Force. Boeing has agreed to partner with DTI in Phase II. More »

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