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Deep Space Cubesat Regenerative Ranging Transponder (DeSCReeT), Phase I

Completed Technology Project

Project Introduction

Innoflight proposes developing a 0.5U Deep Space Cubesat Regenerative-ranging Transponder (DeSCReeT) compatible with NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN) and similarly capable ground assets and with flight-ready units available for CubeSats deployed in cis-lunar space via the Exploratory Mission 1 (EM1) program. The transponder will leverage Innoflight's flight-heritage Software-defined Compact Radio (SCR) family of radios. Phase 1 design efforts include requirements gathering from Pre-Phase A and Phase A CubeSat missions, Forward Error Correction trades, X-Band versus S-Band trades, and radiation-tolerant component trades. Given the EM-1 timeline, the Phase 1 effort will successfully complete a CDR-level design by the end of the period of performance. More »

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