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Secure DTN Communications

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Project Description

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Innoflight proposes to implement and perform an on-orbit demonstration of a Secure DTN communications suite on the SCaN Testbed aboard the ISS. Secure DTN is a combination of the Streamlined Bundle Security Protocol (SBSP) and the NSA's IPMEIR (Internet Protocol Minimum Essential Interoperability Requirements) Suite-B based networking protocol. The Secure DTN suite will enhance NASA's ability to support missions by expanding SCaN's ability to support heterogeneous communications architectures while protecting mission critical data integrity. Secure DTN will also enhance SCaN's ability to collaborate with non-government entities and foreign partners while assuring ownership of intellectual property. The Secure DTN effort will include contribution to the INB (ION NASA Baseline) codebase of the SBSP, with an implementation of Suite-B. The convergence layer will be upgraded with the IPMEIR security suite for internet protocol over CCSDS. An innovative PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) based key management and distribution system will be prototyped during the effort. The Phase II effort will conclude with an on-orbit demonstration of the Secure DTN suite with the SCaN Testbed that is currently mounted on the ISS (International Space Station). The suite will be demonstrated using both TDRSS and direct space to ground communications links. More »

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