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Parachute Autonomous Disreef (PAD)

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

Parachute Autonomous Disreef

This task is to demonstrate the functionality and concept of the Parachute Wireless Disreef System (PWDS) which will be installed on a reefed, single parachute. Parachute reefing is a method to control a parachute's drag area by constricting the parachute diameter with a textile cord. Mechanically-actuated, time delay fused, pyrotechnic devices are the common method used to cut the textile cord allowing the
parachute diameter to expand; thus, increasing drag. These mechanical devices’ time delay error band yields imprecise control of parachute drag area which can cause leadlag problems in parachute cluster systems yielding an overdesigned system resulting in mass and volume penalties. 

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