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Center Innovation Fund: SSC CIF

Mobile Application Development: Component Retrieval System Project

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

Architecture Diagram for the Mobile Phone Application to access SSC's Online Catalog System
The purpose of this project was to investigate requirements to develop an innovative mobile application to retrieve components' detailed information from the Stennis Online Catalogue System (SOCS) database, and display component or part information based on user input. The mobile application would enable the user to scan a component with a mobile device, and retrieve real-time data from SOCS. This technology would streamline processes and increase the engineers' work productivity and efficiency. The proposed technology development concept is a software application tool developed for use on a mobile device at SSC for use in the component retrieval system (SOCS). The development of a mobile application that provides field access to the component database is a type of technology that has been proven successful in the private sector. The project purpose was to demonstrate feasibility that using a mobile application could provide benefits, cost savings, and could be used across Stennis. With this type of tool, personnel could easily access information within SSC's component retrieval systems instantly, providing the real-time information that is often required for the timeliest decision-making. Additionally, an electronic audit trail would enable the ability to see who performed tasks and help reduce error. The result could be a substantial increase in productivity. The capability could provide a new level of accountability for a wide variety of component monitoring retrieval processes. For this project, initial requirements to develop a mobile application software tool that could be used to retrieve detailed information on components from the SOCS database were compiled. More »

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