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Center Independent Research & Development: GSFC IRAD

Broadband Silicon Dielectric Mirrors for Infrared Astronomy

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Project Introduction

The goal is to mature our fabrication technology to enable broadband, low loss multi-layer dielectric coatings for the mid- to far- IR wavelength range to enhance the performance of optical components operating at cryogenic temperatures.

Conventional high reflectance optical coatings consisting of multilayer stacks of alternating high and low refractive index dielectric materials can achieve high reflectivity and low loss over the visible to the near infra red range. Unfortunately, conventional all-dielectric interference optical coating technologies are not viable for making these components in the mid to far-infrared range due to large thicknesses required and the lack of materials with low enough absorption at those wavelengths.  Since the only structural material is silicon, the reflectors can operate over a large temperature range.  

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