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Space Weather in Operation

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Project Introduction

The “Space Weather in Operations” effort will provide on-demand and near-real time space weather event information to the Data Access Toolkit (DAT), which is the next generation trending system for NASA missions.  The types of space weather events that will be identified and made available in the system include solar flares, coronal mass ejections, and solar energetic particles.

It is imperative that Mission Operations Teams (MOTs) have access to information that is pertinent to the safety of their satellites.  Space environment information, particularly phenomena that is elevated to the level of "event" status, is information that should be readily available to all MOTs - allowing them to be better equipped to protect NASA assets in space.

This activity will leverage existing GSFC capabilities and data sets, with space weather event information primarily coming from the Database Of Notifications, Knowledge, Information (DONKI) system.  DONKI currently captures all space weather events that are observed and analyzed by the forecasters at the Space Weather Research Center (SWRC) at GSFC.  Once a standardized interface and pipeline has been clearly defined and implemented, the DAT trending system can request and ingest SW event information from DONKI in near real-time - subsequently making such information readily available to the MOT.  The DONKI system would also be able to request and ingest potential spacecraft anomaly events, or general spacecraft events of interest, from the DAT trending system.  These spacecraft events would help the CCMC/SWRC team correlate and investigate the effects of space weather on various spacecraft under specific circumstances.

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