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Center Independent Research & Development: GSFC IRAD

Refinement of the AdEPT Medium-Energy Gamma-Ray Science

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Gamma-Ray Science Project

We propose to explore the theoretical framework for the relatively unexplored field of medium energy (5--200 MeV) gamma-ray astronomy for a mission concept emphasizing angular resolution and polarization sensitivity. Our goals are to refine the scientific goals for the development of the AdEPT telescope. Our investigation will enable continuing observations of the extremely energetic universe.

In support of the AdEPT mission concept, we will investigate the theoretical framework that provides the scientific motivation for MeV astronomy, including detecting gamma-ray polarization. Specifically, we will investigate astrophysical scenarios for which measurements by the AdEPT telescope will provide insight about physics under the extreme conditions found in many environments in the universe. Our effort will further provide a framework for evaluating and comparing the science returns of future MeV telescope concepts, especially AdEPT.

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