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Center Independent Research & Development: KSC IRAD

Payload Development for International Space Station (ISS) Experiment (NA)

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Project Introduction

The Electrodynamic Dust Shield (EDS) technology (an active dust mitigation/dust transport system to enable planetary exploration) was selected as one of the core experiments for the Materials International Space Station X (MISSE-X) project. MISSE-X is an ISS external platform designed to advance the TRL of materials and devices for future space exploration. The purpose of the EDS MISSE-X experiment is to demonstrate operation of the EDS while exposed to the space environment (vacuum, full spectrum of solar radiation, solar wind flux, and cosmic rays). In the spring of 2013, the MISSE-X project was suspended while NASA restructured the project's management approach. Soon after, we were selected as one of the experiments for the Space Test Program-Houston 5 (STP-H5), a NASA program for a U.S. Department of Defense ISS experiment. STP-H5 is also an ISS external platform to advance the TRL of devices and materials. The EDS payload started to be modified to fit STPH-5 requirements. Experiment integration costs for STPH-5 are high and funding for participation of the EDS payload could not be obtained. The EDS Experiment pulled out of STP-H5 in November of 2013. We are now offereing the EDS as Government Suppied Equipment to the three partners in the NASA CATALYST project. The Pacific International Space Exploration Systems (PISCES) has selectred the EDS as a payload for their lunar flight experiment and is working with the CATALYST partners to participate in their mission.

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