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Micro-Rapid Prototyping

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Project Introduction

Micro-Rapid Prototyping

Micro-rapid Prototyping from 3-D CAD to Final 3-D Shape seeks to replicate some of the capabilities of the much more expensive direct write e-beam in the fabrication of microdevices. This technique has the promise to be orders of magnitude cheaper and faster than traditional techniques based on gray scale e-beam lithography.

The goal of this task is to create a maskless process for sample 500 µm 3-D objects. Specific objectives are to

(1) Develop 3-D CAD computer models and suitable  resist processes while working on dry etch techniques to hit the 500 µm goal

(2) Demonstrate optical gray-scale pattern formation and

(3) Test concepts on commercial state of the art maskless machines capable of gray  scale lithography.

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