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EDL Sensor Suite

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EDL Sensor Suite
Optical Air Data Systems (OADS) L.L.C. proposes a LIDAR based remote measurement sensor suite capable of satisfying a significant number of the desired sensing requirements in a compact, lightweight, and extremely power efficient form factor. OADS all-fiber optic LIDAR and Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV) technology is capable of measuring precise height above ground, ground speed, ground drift, range-gated relative winds, ambient temperature, as well as ambient pressure through the entire entry and descent phase of the spacecraft. Unlike other LIDAR solutions that would require imaging around or through the aeroshell, OADS patented LDV solutions can directly measure a range map of the terrain while simultaneously providing surface relative velocity information for navigation near the ground. OAD LDV solutions include a remote wind sensor capable of measuring wind information at multiple distances ahead of the spacecraft during the entry and descent phases. Once descent is complete, the sensor can be used on the ground to collect local environmental data (including surface winds) as advance information for the fetch rover, the planetary ascent vehicle, and for future missions. More »

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