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Projection/Reflection Heads-up Display

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Projection/Reflection Heads-up Display
To address the NASA need for an EVA information display device, Physical Optics Corporation (POC) proposes to develop a new Projection/Reflection Heads-up Display (Pro/Ref-HUD) based on innovative integration of laser projectors and optics. This approach incorporates miniature full-color laser light sources and low-profile narrowband reflective, see-through toroid-shaped optics, which enable us to meet NASA EVA requirements for displays that are completely decoupled from the user's head and achieving full sunlight readability with automated rapid ambient light response. The Pro/Ref-HUD offers full-color, high-resolution collimated images, with large fields of view, highly suited to the space and weight constraints inside an astronaut's suit. POC plans to demonstrate the feasibility of the Pro/Ref-HUD system by building and testing a preliminary prototype to TRL-4 by the end of Phase I. POC plans to develop in Phase II a fully functional prototype to demonstrate sunlight readability and SXGA resolution, investigate thermal and radiation issues, and analyze ignition safety due to a 100% oxygen operating environment and vacuum and extreme temperature storage environments. The results demonstrated will offer NASA capabilities to perform EVAs with heads-up displays internal to the helmet to improve crew safety and comfort and prevent misalignment of the display. More »

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