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Advanced Extravehicular Helmet Assembly

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Advanced Extravehicular Helmet Assembly
The current NASA spacesuit community is focusing on utilizing a 13" hemispherical helmet for the next generation of extravehicular activity spacesuits. This helmet architecture presents the end user with a myriad of positive attributes, including a large field of view, enhanced CO2 washout and improved component durability/operational life. The 13" Dome Helmet architecture has proven these attributes via the NASA MK-III and Z-1 advanced EVA spacesuit test beds. Air-Lock's 2012 SBIR proposal advances the 13" Dome Helmet from NASA prototype/test bed to EVA Acceptability for Use by enhancing the design with a fully functional Extravehicular Visor Assembly (EVVA). Phase I will see Air-Lock engineers leverage current Helmet/EVVA technologies, infuse the design with lessons learned from the EMU Program and implement the resultant design into a 13" hemispherical helmet architecture; heretofore referred to as the Advanced Extravehicular Helmet Assembly (AEHA). In addition to the design facet of the Phase I task, Air-Lock engineers will develop a Verification and Validation Test Plan (V&V) based on current EMU S/AD and CARD requirements along with higher Advanced EVA operating pressures (8.0 psi). This test plan will lay the foundation for Phase 2 Acceptability for Use testing to facilitate the use of the AEHA aboard the International Space Station in support of NASA's planned 2017 ISS Advanced Spacesuit Demonstration Test. More »

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