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Micro-Laser Communications Modules

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Micro-Laser Communications Modules
High bandwidth communication links are needed between satellites and ground stations, inter-satellite, and to airborne assets. As data loads increase and satellites available payloads decrease keeping the information flowing becomes even more challenging. In this SBIR program we will design and demonstrate the feasibility of ultra-low Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) Micro-Laser Communications (MiLC) modules for high bandwidth (up to Gbps or possibly much higher) data links between miniature satellites (e.g. cube-sats), and ground stations, satellite clusters, and/or airborne assets. One possible laser comm. modules will fit within a few cubic inch volume, require less than 1 watt of power and be able to provide ground station tracking (including orbital motion over wide angles and jitter correction) with a >100 Mbps downlink and no moving parts. Higher bandwidths are possible with trade-offs. This will be enabled by replacing heavy and power consumptive mechanical scanners with new, game changing wide angle (120o x 120o), electro-optic laser scanners. More »

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