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Infrascope: Full-Spectrum Phonocardiography with Automated Signal Analysis

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Project Introduction

Langley Research Center (LaRC) has developed a low frequency acoustic sensor capable of sensing frequencies below the human range of hearing primarily for aeronautical applications.  The Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Biomedical Engineering and Research Lab is partnering with LaRC to explore medical applications of this device initially as a low frequency stethoscope. We will compare the output of the Infrascope to more traditional methods like EKG signals and Real-Time Blood Pressure to try and draw basic correlations and begin to interpret the output of the Infrascope. 

Using digital signal analysis tools, we will generate a repeatable output from the infrascope and compare it to the output of a traditional electrocardiogram, and real time blood pressure.  We will compare the signals to determine what known information is present in the output of the infrascope, what possible additional information may be present, and attempt to automate the analysis of the Infrascope signal.

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