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Flight Hardware Virtualization for On-Board Science Data Processing Project

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Project Description

Flight Hardware Virtualization for On-Board Science Data Processing Project

Utilize Hardware Virtualization technology to benefit on-board science data processing by investigating new real time embedded Hardware Virtualization solutions and applying them to a science data processing application. Successful implementation will result in an instrument computer that has two types of virtual machines: 1. A real time communication and control virtual machine with a Core Flight Executive. 2. One or more Linux virtual machines for on demand instrument data processing.

If successful, the project will produce a prototype embedded hypervisor system that consists of a of a LEON3 processor board, a real time Core Flight Executive Virtual Machine, and a Science Data processing Virtual Machine. The system will be benchmarked against the standard embedded software running on the LEON3 in order to evaluate the performance impact of the embedded hypervisor. Detailed steps include: 1. Research and Purchase Hardware and Software 2. Define Software Development Environment 3. Setup Lab and Software Development Evironment 4. Establish Configuration Management System 5. Prototype Virtualization Environment 6. Integrate Hypervisor Software 7. Design/Document Virtual Machine Deployment and Communication Software 8. Develop Virtual Machine deployment and Communication Software 9. Develop/port Linux data processing software 10. Design and develop tests 11. Run tests 12. Document Results and plan follow on work.

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