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Center Independent Research & Development: KSC IRAD

Simple Radiowave-Based Method for Measuring Peripheral Blood Flow (RFII)

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

RFII Hardware

Project objective is to design small radio frequency based flow probes for the measurement of blood flow velocity in peripheral arteries such as the femoral artery and middle cerebral artery. The result will be the technological capability to measure peripheral blood flow rates and flow changes during various environmental stressors such as microgravity without contact to the individual being monitored. This technology may also lead to an easier method of detecting venous gas emboli during extravehicular activities.

This technology will be a quantum advance in hemodynamic monitoring and will be applicable in numerous situations such as for immediate assessment and monitoring of patients in life-threatening emergencies, during environmental stressors, and in performance of hazardous occupational tasks. For NASA these benefits will apply to both flight and ground personnel. For the military this device can be used during actual combat to alert medical personnel when a service member is wounded and to monitor his/her condition even before help is provided thus lowering medical evaluation times. This can also be used to aid medical personnel allowing them to prioritize triage and evacuation in multiple casualty contingencies.

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