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Micro-Lid For Sealing Sample Reservoirs of micro-Extraction Systems

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Micro-Lid For Sealing Sample Reservoirs of micro-Extraction Systems Project

We propose to develop a proof-of-concept micro-Lid (µLid) to tightly seal a micro-sampler or micro-extraction system. Fabrication of µLid would be conducted in the Detector Development Laboratory (DDL) using Micro-Electrical-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS) processes at NASA GSFC. The goal will be to fabricate µLid such that it's cantilever is actuated by a mismatch in coefficient of thermal expansion

The proposed µLid system is in effect an attempt to miniaturize an extraction system to a chip-cup system with integrated heaters capable extremley hot temperatures.

The µLid system will be composed of a silicon cup with a silicon lid, acting as the µLid. The hinge structure supporting µLid will be a bilayer composed of metal bilayer that upon a temperature change will actuate the bimetallic cantilever.

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