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Center Independent Research & Development: GSFC IRAD

W-band Solid State Transceiver for Cloud Radar (CRS)

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

W-band Solid State Transceiver for Cloud Radar

This proposed effort seeks to develop a solid state power amplifier (SSPA)-based W-band cloud radar transceiver and demonstrate it on the GSFC airborne Cloud Radar System (CRS). Compared to the current Klystron-based W-band transceiver, this solid state transceiver will be significantly more compact in size, lower weight with improved reliability since it does not require high-voltages.

The proposed work focuses on the evaluation and testing of the W-band SSPA on the current airborne Cloud Radar System (CRS) transceiver so that it can be operated with either the original Klystron-based transmitter, or the SSPA. We will swap in either transmitter to maintain the current EIK capability. As we gain more confidence in the SSPA-based transmitter, we will migrate entirely to this approach.  This SSPA-based transceiver will enable the usage a number of recently developed radar techniques, such as advanced versatile Tx/Rx waveform, ultra-low sidelobe pulse compression, and frequency diversity.  It is necessary to modify the hardware and firmware in order to accommodate the above new techniques. Recent advances to HIWRAP’s advanced waveform generation need to be transferred to CRS to take full advantage of the SSPA. The resulting work is readily applicable to upcoming cloud and precipitation radar spaceborne missions.



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