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Center Independent Research & Development: GSFC IRAD

Unmanned Aerial System and Spaceflight Microwave Radiometers’ Radio-Frequency Interference Direct Detection and Science Data Recovery Based on the Hilbert-Huang Transform for Two Dimensions

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Project Description

HHT Signal Decompostion and RFI Spectrum

Spacecraft advanced passive microwave radiometry instrument makes use of natural thermal emissions to remotely sense Earth phenomena of interest to science in the L-band (soil moisture, for example). Soil moisture is a strategic parameter whilst 8” of soil feed 7.046 billion people. Here a terrestrial signal-to-space suffers less attenuation by the intervening canopy or atmosphere. Unfortunately, relative insensitivity of the L-band region to atmospheric effects also makes it an extremely attractive spectral range for wireless radar & cell communications that are causing radio frequency interference (RFI) with the signal of interest.

State-of-the-art radiometry technology detects an RFI event and deletes the entire contaminated measurement point.  Excision of just the RFI component from the composite signal is presently a tall challenge task. This IRAD-FY14 will research and develop new technologies to solve this task based on the Hilbert-Huang Transform for two dimensions (2D HHT2).

The three goals of this IRAD are:

1.1 Research and develop the Hilbert-Huang Transform for 2D second and last component – the Hilbert Spectral Analysis for 2D (HSA2) and complete the HHT2 theory;

1.2 Develop the engineering tool for a direct decomposition of the RFI-contaminated signal into 2D or bi-dimensional Intrinsic Mode functions (BIMFs) and use the BIMFs to recover RFI-contaminated science data points by HSA2;

1.3 Verify the new technology tool prototype by a controlled drone experiment at Wallops, comprising a miniature radiometer, a controlled RFI source, and science data processing on the ground.

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