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X-ray Optics for Wide Field-of-View X-ray Imaging

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To globally image the magnetospheric interaction region, we need a wide field of view x-ray imager. However, because of the small critical reflectance angle for traditional x-ray optics, most x-ray telescopes have a very narrow field-of-view. At the University of Leicester and Photonis, a wide field of view optic has been developed using spherically slumping square pore microchannel (SMPR) plates. This makes a wide field of view, focusing x-ray optic. We propose here to develop similar wide field of view x-ray optics using techniques developed at GSFC. The goal is to produce higher throughput optics (~50% higher) for future missions. The science case for such a wide field of view soft x-ray mission is compelling: it would provide the first global, dynamic, imaging of the Earth's (and other solar system bodies) interaction with the solar wind. This is extremely important to Astrophysics, Heliophysics, and Solar System Exploration.  

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