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Gannon University's Cosmic-Ray Calorimeter (GU-CRC) (GU-CRC)

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Gannon University's Cosmic-Ray Calorimeter (GU-CRC)

A payload is proposed to detect cosmic rays, high-energy particles of astrophysical origin, in the energy range ~1-100 GeV. An interdisciplinary team of science and engineering undergraduate students at Gannon University, with oversight from two faculty advisors, will complete the payload design, construction, integration, and launch. Energy determination will be facilitated by a six-layer, sampling calorimeter with a thickness of ~12.5 radiation lengths. Primary cosmic rays will interact inside the calorimeter, creating a cascade of secondary particles that will deposit energy in each layer. A charge detector will be employed to distinguish protons from helium nuclei, the two most abundant cosmic rays types. This charge detector will be segmented to minimize charge-measurement contamination from upward-going secondary particles in the calorimeter. 
Gannon University Team Receives National Recognition

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