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A Novel Electromotance Noise Mitigation System Project

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Rocket propulsion environments generate electromotance effects that often introduce undesirable noise within the instrumentation systems. These effects are also problematic when operating electrical equipment around arc generating systems or during a lightning storm. The electromotance phenomenon essentially deposits energy throughout the entire electromagnetic spectrum. The energy transmits into electrical cabling consequently generating unwanted electrical energy. Faraday noise mitigation systems are widely employed and they are often the most effective noise reduction techniques for Radio Frequency (RF) noise. Unfortunately, these along with other noise techniques are relatively ineffective against electromotance induced energy. High density fields are nearly impenetrable when attempting to transmit data even when ark pulse electromotance communicators are utilized. This problem demonstrates the superior capability for blocking electrically transmitted energy with dense electron fields. It is proposed to employ high electron density fields for producing a realistic prototype system designed for use as cable raceways/shielding. The prototype system's effectiveness will then be evaluated for reducing the electromotance noise effects. Arc discharges and electromagnetic pulses will be safely produced within a specialized enclosure for evaluating the systems capabilities. Additionally, this effort will provide the proof of concept for a shielding technique that could be rapidly matured into a deployable system. Electromotance energy has historically produced problems for electrical systems. This project will innovatively employ high electron density fields that have the ability to attract the energy released from the charged electromagnetic spectrum similar to the way a thick steel enclosure functionally collects and dissipates electromotance energy into a ground source. The strategically oriented fields with an appropriate electron density have the potential to capture and channel the energy away from electronic cabling consequently reducing electromotance effects. These fundamental principles will be used to develop a novel prototype system that can be used to perform improved electromotance noise reduction in a laboratory environment. Additionally, it could be deployed within sensitive instrumentation shielding in a similar fashion as previously used shielding techniques. More »

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