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Manufacturing Initiative

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Manufacturing Initiative

The Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) Project supports multiple activities within the Administration's National Manufacturing Initiative. A key component of the Initiative is the Advanced Manufacturing National Program Office (AMNPO), which includes participation from all federal agencies involved in U.S. manufacturing. In support of the AMNPO the AMT Project supports building and Growing the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation through a public-private partnership designed to help the industrial community accelerate manufacturing innovation.

The National Network for Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI) will be built through a public-private partnership designed to help the industrial community rapidly commercialize manufacturing innovation in part by sharing the financial risk of developing advanced manufacturing technologies capable of accelerating product introduction, lowering product costs and improving product performance. NASA will support the regional IMI's to provide access to an innovation ecosystem consisting of a broad array of technologies, collaborations and resources for rapidly advancing middle-stage research and development (i.e. an industrial commons). NASA will support specific activities of the regional IMIs to include: 1. Capture greater value from early-stage US research investments by enabling manufacturing scale-up and commercialization in the US. 2. Retain production in the US thereby providing insight into next generation, high-value products leading to future high-wage and highly skilled jobs in the US. 3. Lower the financial risk associated with manufacturing R&D by leveraging public and private investment and spreading costs and risks among industrial partners. 4. Generate hands-on advanced manufacturing internships and learning and training opportunities for students and those seeking to re-enter the workforce. 5. Coordinate and build strategic partnerships between federal, state, university, community college, and industrial entities to make each more productive in advancing regional and national manufacturing agendas and policies. 6. Provide small and medium-sized enterprises (including large corporate supply chain partners) virtual and physical proximity to nascent manufacturing expertise in high-performance computing, manufacturing equipment and research laboratories currently beyond their reach. The NNMI will coordinate capabilities across regional IMIs providing companies with access to a talented, diverse, and high-performance workforce and the best technology and practices to address their production challenges. Network-wide benefits of the NNMI include the ability to: 1. Maximize the innovative outcome of the NNMI investment by coordinating multi-IMI responses to industry problems. 2. Network with trusted scientists, engineers and technicians in the most relevant focus areas to drive innovation and accelerate technology breakthroughs and their assimilation to industry. 3. Identify and coordinate the sharing of IMI best practices in service to industry needs. 4. Support the rapid growth of an advanced manufacturing workforce by coordinating the development of educational resources between regions. 5. Bring about greater employment opportunities for the US workforce and help companies to find and retain the best people by disseminating internship and employment opportunities. 

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