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Nanotechnology (NT): Carbon Nanotube Structural Materials

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Nanotechnology (NT): Carbon Nanotube Structural Materials

Increase the tensile strength of CNT fibers to produce composites with specific tensile strengths of 2.0 GPa/(g/cc) and demonstrate their impact on the mechanical properties, coefficient of thermal expansion, and damage tolerance of CFRP Approach: Increase tensile strength of commercially available CNT materials via  a combination of processing modifications (increased CNT length and improved alignment) and post-processing methods (increase CNT-CNT bond strength) Incorporate into composites and perform coupon level tests to quantify improvements in mechanical properties, damage tolerance and dimensional control Demonstrate benefits and flight readiness by design, fab, ground and flight test of a CNT reinforced COPV Partner with DoD and other agencies under the NNI Sustainable Nanomanufacturing Signature Initiative to leverage resources and capabilities Utilize other NASA investments, e.g., Space Technology Research Fellowships, SBIR/STTR to accelerate technology development

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