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Center Innovation Fund: GRC CIF

Intercalation of Carbon Nanotube Fibers to Improve their Conductivity

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Project Introduction

We propose to increase the electrical conductivity of fibers made up of carbon nanotubes by intercalation with bromine. We further expect that the resulting fibers will have a higher specific electrical and thermal conductivity than any commercially available material. These properties, combined with excellent tensile strength and elastic modulus, will make this an ideal material from which to fabricate the next generation of spacecraft.

This proposed research will explore how NASA intercalation technology can be used to lower the resistivity of the new Rice-Teijin fiber make them viable for NASA spacecraft applications. In addition, this research will shed light on the interaction between halogens and graphene carbons. This, in turn, could enable the discovery and exploitation of new nanoscale strategies and compounds that might result in further property improvements for CNT-based materials.

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