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Triple Isotope Water Analyzer for Extraplanetary Studies, Phase II

Completed Technology Project

Project Introduction

Los Gatos Research (LGR) proposes to employ Off-Axis ICOS to develop triple-isotope water analyzers for lunar and other extraplanetary exploration. This instrument will provide highly accurate quantification of dD, d18O, and d17O to better than ± 0.3 0/00, ± 0.1 0/00, and ± 0.15 0/00 respectively with minimal calibration or consumable standards. Moreover, due to the inherent benefits of Off-Axis ICOS, the analyzer will be selective, robust, and economical. In addition to being a strong candidate for extraplanetary exploration, the instrument will be deployed for field testing and research by scientists in NASA's Space Science and Astrobiology Division. More »

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