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High-Volume Production of Lightweight, Multi-Junction Solar Cells Using 6-inch GaAs, Phase II

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Project Introduction

In the proposed Phase II program, we will transition MicroLink's 6-inch epitaxial lift-off (ELO) solar cell fabrication process into a manufacturing platform capable of sustaining large-volume production. Key Phase II improvements in the ELO process are reduction in cycle time and increase in the yield of large-area devices. In addition, we will transition all critical device fabrication processes to 6-inch production tool sets that are designed for volume production, with an emphasis on automated cassette-to-cassette and batch processes that will minimize operator dependence and variability. During the Phase II program we will establish a pilot production line capable of at least 1500 6-inch wafers per month at greater than 80% yield. We will also increase the yield and manufacturability of the 6-inch reclaim process, which is crucial to reducing the cost of the cells. This will involve a closer collaboration with our substrate reclaim vendor and the establishment of clear metrics to qualify key process variables impacting device yield. A successful conclusion of this Phase II program will place us in strong position to support potential SEP volume solar cell manufacturing requirements. More »

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