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Crew Health And Recreation Gear Exercise Device

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Crew Health And Recreation Gear Exercise Device

This technology is to replace the bulky, high maintenance exercise devices (as used currently in the ISS) for long duration missions. A novel exercise and recreation device is proposed that can provide physical and mental health preservation benefits during long duration deep space exploration missions. A prototype based on MR dampers was built to demonstrate the technology. However, this will need to be modified to drive forces through major leg bones and muscles to realize medical benefits and present to NASA exercise scientists for evaluation. Very light weight, compact exercise devices are considered a necessity for long duration space flight missions. Existing ISS countermeasures are not only functional limited, but also bulky, complex and require high maintenance. The proposed MR exoskeleton is light weight, compact sized, and capable of providing concentric and eccentric exercises. With the integration of Microsoft XBox Kinnect, the exoskeleton will have full range of flexibility-personalized exercise profile, data tracking, down-linking, and recreation activities: immersive video games and aquatic exercises.

A magneto-Rheological (MR) fluid based exoskeleton leg demonstrator was developed to help long duration exploration mission crews obtain exercise with entertainment during flight and at their destination.

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