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T0066-B Guided Parafoil High Altitude Research

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

T0066-B Guided Parafoil High Altitude Research

This study proposes to conduct high altitude drop tests on an Airborne Systems provided payload consisting of a ribbon drogue parachute, a ram-air parachute system, and an advanced guidance system, to demonstrate system performance. Three drops are proposed wherein the first is at 45,000 ft, second balloon drop at 55,000 ft, and third at 55,000 ft but a more demanding flight profile will be demonstrated. In each of the drops the drogue will be static line deployed at balloon release and will provide stable descent for the payload down to the appropriate altitude for ram-air parachute system release. The guidance system will track the payload during descent, initiate ram-air parachute deployment, and actively guide the system to a predetermined spatial waypoint.

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