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Dynamic and Static Behavior of a Flexible Fuel Hose in Zero-G

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Dynamic and Static Behavior of a Flexible Fuel Hose in Zero-G
The NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office (SSCO) proposes to conduct an investigation of the behavior of a flexible fuel hose in a near-zero gravity environment on an airplane. The inner core of these types of fuel hose consist of a long corrugated metal tube that is very stiff to torsion along its longitudinal axis. As a result, this type of hose can be a challenge to manipulate, sometimes resulting in the buildup of forces and torques in a robot arm, and occasionally resulting in breakage of the inner core of the fuel hose. Laboratory tests have produced handling measures to prevent this from occurring, but gravitational sag prevents a clear understanding about the effectiveness of these measures in the microgravity of Earth's orbit. The proposed experiment will answer some of our questions about these handling measures, and will allow us to gather experimental data to allow the creation and correlation of mathematical models of the dynamical behavior of the hose in near-zero gravity environments. This work will be in support of the development and validation of technology required for future missions to service and refuel a satellite in space, allowing the reuse and extension of valuable spacecraft in the geosynchronous orbit. More »

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