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Structural Health Monitoring for Commercial Space Vehicles

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Structural Health Monitoring for Commercial Space Vehicles

This experiment, by use of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) technologies, is aimed at increasing safety and reducing operation cost of a vehicle. Envisioned is its importance as an integral part of the flight information recorder ("black box") and, as such, would record information on structural integrity during all stages of spaceflight. SHM data is useful in pre-flight diagnostics, in-orbit operation and tuning, and in analysis of structural behavior (or disintegration) during spacecraft reentry; along with determination of next flight re-certification.

This test also intends to consider and address issues associated with use of wireless communication technology on board of commercial space vehicle. It is anticipated that the proposed flight opportunity will advance technology to the next TRL level and provide validation of SHM technology in realistic environment. Commitment of the university to payload development and launch is demonstrated and support of other interested organizations is indicated.

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