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University of Alabama - Huntsville (UAH) CubeSat Parabolic Flight Testing

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University of Alabama - Huntsville (UAH) CubeSat Parabolic Flight Testing
The UAHuntsville CubeSat is a student satellite development project to design, build, test, and operate an orbital picosatellite. The program has a primary focus of designing a 1U CubeSat system that accomplishes three primary technology demonstrations: (1) passive nadir axis stabilization for picosatellite attitude control, (2) improved communications for a stabilized 1U satellite system, and (3) deployable solar panels for increased solar power collection on a picosatellite system. The opportunity to perform microgravity deployment tests on a parabolic aircraft will increase the technology readiness level of the CubeSat deployment mechanisms to TRL 6 and will improve the understanding of how the deployable systems react in the unconstrained microgravity environment. This will allow mechanical functioning of the hardware and verification of the attitude stabilization modeling.
ChargerSat-1 launch
2nd generation ChargerSat testing continued under T0056. More »

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