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Flight Opportunities

Guidance Embedded Navigator Integration Environment (GENIE) (GENIE)

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Guidance Embedded Navigator Integration Environment (GENIE)
Draper proposes the Planetary Landing Exploration Technology (PLANET) Project to perform Flight Demonstration of cross-cutting Precision Landing AGNC. The proposed effort will mature to TRL 6 Autonomous Guidance, Navigation and Control (AGNC) Precision Landing technology through flight demonstrations on a suborbital reusable launch vehicle (sRLV). The proposed flight demonstrations provide magnificent benefits such as maturing cross-cutting Precision Landing AGNC applicable to a range of future missions, extending the capability of flight opportunities vehicles, providing capability that can be leveraged for future OCT demonstrations (such as HSC), and enables future autonomous landing and hazard avoidance system demonstrations across a breadth of future NASA projects including human missions, precursor missions, science missions, and future technology development and demonstration projects. Precision landing and hazard avoidance technology flight demonstrations are applicable to a broad range of the taxonomy of technology areas described in the NASA integrated technology roadmaps. Preliminary review indicates these demonstrations will provide benefit to at least four Technology Areas in the recently released technology roadmaps. The proposed flight demonstrations provide a low-risk, high-reward systematic approach to maturing cross-cutting landing system technologies. The flight demonstrations will reduce risks for future missions by demonstrating precision landing to TRL 6 through a range of flight demonstrations. The Precision Landing AGNC has been matured to TRL 5 through extensive laboratory simulation and component validation in relevant environments under previous NASA projects. The AGNC has been demonstrated to provide precision landing capabilities across a broad range of landing trajectories and dispersions. The Guidance Embedded Navigator Integration Environment (GENIE) hardware and software is ready to be adapted to closed-loop flight with a Flight Opportunities sRLV as demonstrated through the series of tests and flight demonstration performed in GFY2010. Draper proposes to work with NASA JSC to leverage our experience, expertise, facilities and hardware to cost-effectively adapt the GENIE system for safe closed-loop flight demonstration of Precision Landing AGNC. Preliminary discussions with Masten Space have developed a straight-forward architecture for GENIE integration into the closed-loop flight system to control their sRLV and performed preliminary simulations to demonstrate the feasibility of the Precision Landing AGNC to control the integrated vehicle system. A systematic approach has been developed for adaptation of the GENIE system that assures safe operation of all critical functions prior to their active control of the sRLV and utilizes the baseline Masten control laws as a safety pilot in the event of off-nominal performance of the PLANET payload. Finally, Draper has a corporate charter dedicated to applied research and development, technology transfer and advanced education aligned with the goals of the Flight Opportunities project and has a plan for the publication and broad dissemination of the flight test results. More »

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