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Human-Systems Integration (HSI) Methodology Development for NASA

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Project Image   Human-Systems Integration (HSI) Methodology Development for NASA

Human-Systems Integration (HSI) refers to design activities associated with ensuring that manpower, personnel, training, human factors engineering, safety, health and survivability are considered from the start and in each life cycle phase. This project will work with the development and demonstration of an effective methodology for HSI at JSC and validate it through a technology demonstration and evaluation in the integrated Power, Avionics and Software (iPAS) Flight Deck of the Future (FDotF) facility. An HSI design methodology serves as a means of ensuring communication with other disciplines, such as systems engineering (SE), and treats the human as a critical system element. Although SE has always called out HSI, in reality it is rarely addressed / invoked for anything other than the mission itself.  By integrating HSI early on (pre-PDR) as well as throughout the NASA SE process, we can produce cost-effective products that optimally meet mission objectives while reducing operational era costs.

A technology with game-changing potential for crew to space system interaction will be selected to develop using the HSI Methodology created through the efforts of the HSI Methodology JSC IR&D FTE allocation,  HSI WG (Working Group), and HSI ERG (Employee Resource Group). The integrated Power, Avionics and Software (iPAS) Flight Deck of the Future (F.F) Testbed core capability will be completed through this project  and used for testing. Through iterative Human in the Loop (HITL) testing and demonstration of the technology, using the proposed HSI methodology, the team will validate the methodology. The F.F testbed, in JSC Building 29, Lab 233, will provide core testing systems, including partial space-system mockups, test consoles, and data collection systems.  Collaboration with a variety of key disciplines will provide the expertise needed to plan and execute the HITL test.  

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