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Center Innovation Fund: JSC CIF

Inflatable Module Seal Interface Development and Testing

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Project Image   Inflatable Module Seal Interface Development and Testing

Develop a repeatable low permeable sealing interface evaluating O-ring, RTV bond and flowed RTV bond methods. Advanced Bladder materials (ArmorFlex, Nanoclay, etc) were developed by ILC Dover in FY2011 and will be evaluated and tested.  Cold flow and assembly process testing will be performed utilizing 6-in x 6-in and 6-in x 12-in test articles (Figure 1a and 1b).  Leak testing will be performed utilizing a 4-foot diameter test fixture. Bladder materials to be tested include:   ArmorFlex 101 (Polyurethane, gas barrier, polyurethane)  ArmorFlex 101 w/ Nylon rip-stop   NanoClay NanoClay w additional gas barrier layer Nanoclay w/ rip-stop  CEPAC HD-200 (Bigelow bladder preferred embodiment)

Inflatable structures will require low permeable bladder to metallic seal interface.  Cold flow of bladder materials over time is not acceptable for long term missions where materials cannot be easily inspected or replaced.  Reliable seal interfaces are required.  Inflatable habitats can provide the volume necessary for space colonization at a lower cost than traditional habitats. Sealing bladder materials capable of deploying at cold temperatures is essential for deep space missions and likely LOE missions due to operational constraints

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