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Center Innovation Fund: JSC CIF

Siri-Like Smart Crew Assistant, Year 1

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

Project Image  Siri-Like Smart Crew Assistant

The objective of this project is to capture in a report an assessment of the possibility to adapt Siri-like technology to crew support, and to develop a limited prototype of the concept. NASA's mission operations concept has evolved over the past half century but it relies on extensive ground support for both nominal and off-nominal operations. Next-gen missions will require decreased Earth-based support due to the increased communication time lag. NASA's vision of manned spaceflight into deep space cannot be realized by projecting the current mission ops concept forward. A "Siri-like" crew assistant will provide support when/where/as needed, understand the Crew communication protocols, have access and knowledge about the crew timeline and procedures, enable the crew to get just-in-time training refreshers, be capable of communicating with spacecraft systems, get the telemetry of interest to understand the current status and upcoming tasks that the astronaut is involved in, and be the communication hub between the astronaut and the ground during specific missions phases. This "Siri-like" Smart Crew Assistant ("Siri-like" SCA) serves as a "just-in-time" performance support tool that could not only improve mission timelines but also increase crew autonomy from the earth ground support.

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