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Center Innovation Fund: JSC CIF

Radiation Tolerant, High Capacity Non-Volatile Memory

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Radiation Tolerant, High Capacity Non-Volatile Memory

The need for reliable, high capacity, radiation tolerant nonvolatile memory exists in many Human space flight applications. Most projects rely on COTS hardware for a data storage system with very little assurance of radiation performance. The goal of this idea is to develop a high capacity nonvolatile memory system that is radiation tolerant. The concept uses commercially available nand-flash devices that are built with certain radiation immunity. To enhance radiation performance this concept incorporates error detection and correction. The concept is based on technology already explored by the Advanced Space Suit project. The purpose is to complete the work already started by the Advanced Space Suit project using available components. The first phase will prototype a design of the nand-flash memory array board interfaced to the error detection and correction algorithm implemented on an FPGA development board. Radiation testing will be performed by the JSC EV-5 radiation group.

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