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Center Innovation Fund: JSC CIF

Multifunctional Composite Structure

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

Project Image   Multifunctional Composite Structure

This project is developing a Composite Sandwich Habitable Pressurized Structure for deep space travel.  Permeability, radiation, & micrometeoroids and orbital debris (MM/OD) shielding are built into the structure for a material system focused on deep space environments.

Hypervelocity testing of high and low density foam has been performed to bound the MM/OD shielding capability with our aluminum alloy.  Additionally,  mechanical testing at both densities has been performed  to understand the synergism of a focused, system designed structure.  Analytical models for structural and environmental response are being developed and correlated to test data.  As a result, an intermediate sandwich core density has been selected for further testing.  This resultant structure is being built into prototypes at component and full scale levels. The next phase includes maturing the mechanical testing of the selected metallic foam density (including physical modeling),  manufacturing formed multifunctional composite structural components into a Generation 3A MMSEV, and maturing the mathematical model to address the structural effect of an impermeability bladder embedded into the core.  

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