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Orbital Debris Impact Sensor Engineering Model

Completed Technology Project

Project Description

Project Image   Orbital Debris Impact Sensor Engineering Model

This project is to develop an engineering model (prototype) of an orbital debris impact sensor suitable for developmental integration testing as a payload for the Aggiesat6 spacecraft.  The purpose of the sensor is to collect data on debris objects ranging in size from 0.5 to 3 mm, which are difficult to measure by other means.

The prototype would be developed in cooperation with the Texas A&M University AggieSat Lab to fit available constraints in size, shape, power, and data interfaces.  This effort leverages development and testing from previous and current projects sponsored by the JSC Technology Working Group, including HIMS and DRAGONS.  Follow-on work would develop a flight article designed to collect calibrated data on the velocity and size of debris impacts when attached to a small satellite in low Earth orbit.

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